Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Five Quotes Worth Remembering

Hello Readers! Here is some mid-week inspiration for you!
I don't know about you, Readers, but I am a strong believer in fate-that what happens to a person is destined to happen. Everyone has a path that they believed they are destined to walk...things they are supposed to do, people they are supposed to meet. Sometimes these plans we have for ourselves don't
work out. But that doesn't mean that the path we are then on is the wrong path. It simply means that we are walking the path we were meant to walk all along.

As an artist of any type - writer, actor, singer, dancer, painter, drawer - this is imperitive to remember. If you don't understand that your personal value does not decrease just because someone does not see all the potential in you that you know you have, you'll lose yourself along the way just to conform to what other people expect you to be. Never, ever, ever belittle yourself because of what someone else thinks of you. It is one of the biggest mistakes an artist can make.

I am sure everyone who is reading this blog has had a seemingly impossible dream before. It is human nature; we want something for ourselves that is bigger than us. And probably nearly everyone has been told that their dream was 'improbable'. Well, once again, that's what happens in life! But forget those small minds who doubt you and bring you down. Focus on the ones that uplift you - anyone who believes in you. For me, that is my family and my friends.

Perfection is over-rated. We spend years hunting down perfection, trying to look perfect, appear perfect, the works. The truth is, perfection is unattainable, no matter who you are. You weren't born to be perfect, you were born to be human. 'Human' has flaws, it has weaknesses, it has downfalls. But human also has strengths, heart, soul, meaning.

Through dreams, we think about what we want for ourselves for the rest of our lives really count.  Our dreams create - and dictate - our futures. Without a dream, or without multiple dreams, life would hardly have a meaning. It's up to you to create your future through the dreams you have today.


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