Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What I Did For Love

Hello Readers!

Mini update on my life art-wise before I get into tonight's rant. Little Shop of Horrors has sadly ended. Our shows were November 15th, 16th, and 17th, and I already cannot wait to get my music for our next show, which is going to be The Sound of Music! I'm psyched because I really enjoy older, more traditional shows in addition to contemporary ones. I audition in December, and I hope to get the role of Liesl. It's farfetched, considering the fact I am an underclassman and Liesl is a larger role. Yet something in me thinks I could play that role quite well. Only time will tell!

Back on track.

As you read, the title of my post tonight is What I Did For Love. A few weeks ago, I talked about my  song obsessions, and What I Did For Love (from A Chorus Line) was one of them. I can honestly connect to it. I have made dozens of sacrifices for love that didn't quite feel like sacrifices at all because I was happy to do them for art.

I have given up any type of a normal sleep schedule due to getting home late from rehearsals. I have allowed myself to be let down time after time of not getting cast. I have given up dairy for weeks on end so my voice won't crack. I have woken up at four in the morning to finish my novel. I have put my heart on the line for my voice to be heard through my writing. I have opened myself up to rejection. Those are all sacrifices. But looking back on these decisions, I would do anything for 'love'.

 No matter where I go in my life, if I end up a writer who is also an actor and is blessed enough to write books while doing eight shows on Broadway every week or if I end up a small town high school History teacher, I will never forget the many lessons the arts have taught me.

I have learned to always jump at an opportunity, because there is a good chance that it will never come around again.

I have learned that 'good luck' doesn't exist, and it is up to you to make your own luck in this world.

I have learned that everyone should have someone that makes them look forward to tomorrow, and no matter what that is for you, you should pursue that.

I have learned that if you do not believe in yourself, no one will ever believe in you.

I have learned that confidence and a smile is key.

I have learned to be humble, gracious, and to take a step back to look at the big picture.

I have learned so many things through practicing art forms that I cannot remember nearly all of them.

So I urge anyone who feels that the arts is where they are meant to be to pursue those dreams, no matter how unlikely success is. Because if that's truly where your heart is, you won't forget, and you can't regret what you did for love. :)



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